The world’s first anesthesia stand.

Anestand was engineered by anesthesia providers to optimize your workspace:

  • Places medications right by IV port.
  • Keeps suction tubing from falling.

  • Supports anesthesia circuit.

  • Makes cleaning IV port easy

See how Anestand helps providers and patients.

Anestand’s Value

Anestand provides the value that hospitals and providers demand in today’s cost conscious environment.

“I can’t understand why someone wouldn’t use an Anestand.”

Anesthesiologist, Illinois

 “Great product! Well designed, certainly lends itself to the workflow of anesthesia with IV and circuit holders. As we’re often looking for a flat surface for induction, procedures, etc, the Anestand checks that box and more.”

CRNA, Illinois

“One of the Anestand’s is used in the trauma bay, and the other is used in a covid intubation room where it has been a godsend due to the lack of space in the room. The room was converted to an anti (negative pressure) room, which substantially reduced the size. Then with the crash cart, ventilator, and ultrasound there is no more room even for a mayo stand. The Anestand was a perfect solution as it attaches directly to the IV pole.”

ER physician, Canada

We have received the Gen 2 arm. We have been using the device as much as possible. We believe it to be an incredible system with tons of potential with this 2nd gen arm.”

Anesthesiologist, California

“The Anestand has made my practice more organized and efficient! Gone are the days of lost syringes in the OR bed and fumbling for an IV port. Awesome for nerve blocks. Only wish I had one sooner!”

CRNA, Illinois

“Where has this thing been for the last 30 years?”

Anesthesiologist, Illinois

“I estimate I save a minute per nerve block with my Anestand. With OR time costing about 200 dollars per minute, it pays for itself quickly.”

Anesthesiologist, Washington

“We are starting to use it and getting good feedback. We will be asking the hospital to put them in the budget next year.”

Anesthesiologist, California

“I won’t do a rapid sequence induction without an Anestand.”

Anesthesiologist, Illinois

“Anestand helps me limit contamination of my work surfaces both with COVID cases and other cases.”

Anesthesiologist , Massachusetts

“Anything that helps anesthesia providers be more organized should be a standard piece of equipment.”

Anesthesia tech, Illinois

“When I am spread thin, Anestand helps when I can’t be in two places at once.”

Anesthesia tech, Arizona

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