How It Works

Anestand is designed for the workflow of anesthesia providers. Anestand is meant to move around with you during the case and around the hospital to different anesthetizing locations. It attaches to IV poles, the operating room table, inpatient beds, gurneys, and more. Commonly its used for induction of anesthesia, nerve blocks, iv starts and arterial lines. The videos below demonstrate the basics on how to get the most out of Anestand.

Tray can be positioned anywhere you need by adjusting support post.

Anestand aids with nerve blocks

Anestand is easy to assemble

Anestand’s anesthesia circuit clips keep your circuit fixed and firmly in place.

  • With Anestand, when your table is in Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg, your circuit remains fixed in place.

Anestand’s patented clamp secures your stand everywhere you work

Anestand helps make RSI safer and easier

Introduction to general use of Anestand

Clips keep IV tubing securely in place, giving you an easy way to “scrub the hub.”

  • Anestand makes it easy to comply with JCAHO’s and CDC’s “scrub the hub” program.
  • Clips keep the tubing from falling onto the OR floor.

Anestand aids in procedures.

  • Anestand streamlines your workspace for IV & arterial line placement.
  • Previously nowhere to place prep, supplies, & adhesives.