Anestand provides the value that hospitals and providers demand in today’s cost conscience environment. Your Value Analysis committees will appreciate that the multiple benefits come in a single fixed cost.

Value to hospitals

  • Aids in regulatory compliance
    • Helps with CDC, JCAHO and AORN regulatory compliance
  • Helps Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections(HAI)
    • HAIs have been proven to be reduced by cleaning your IV port
    • Anestand makes cleaning your port easy
    • Prevention of one HAI easily justifies the Anestand Cost
  • Helps anesthesia technicians stretched too thin
  • Patient Safety benefits
    • Hygienic – Keeps supplies off your patient’s chest!
    • Isolates your medication line in the setting of a patient with several lines
    • In rapid sequence intubation succinylcholine and other medications remain immediately available as is your IV port.
  • This is a reusable device which makes it environmentally responsible.

Benefits to providers

  • Creates a more ergonomic workspace for providers
  • Helps with efficiency and organization
  • Keeps suction tubing and supplies from falling to ground
  • Familiar workspace wherever you go in hospital
  • Moves easily everywhere you work

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